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Ic DM6380L

4 oclock yesterday afternoon, the auction began, No. 7-3 home company in Henan world first "out card": 3.7 million, other companies will soon follow Jin, quotes rising. As of 4:30 7-8 for 7-3 and IC DM6380L and a lot you come to me in the "fight." Finally, 4:48, 7-8 "unbearable" in the 7-3 7.76 billion reported a one-time increase on the basis of 400 million, to 7.8 billion. The 7-3 still does not give up and continue to increase until the 786 million yuan, the scene was quiet there, suddenly, the hall behind a young man wearing a white shirt walked up to the desk offer 7-5, 800 million dollars. Round of applause from the scene, "is really a dark horse ah." Some people have described. Followed by 7-3 and 7-8, it began a "tug of war", 5:06, 7-5 attack again, 8.1 million, then out of the 812 million reported 7-3. Host to the final offer, "812 million yuan for the first time ... ... ... ... the third time the second turnover !"

DM6380L Suppliers

Although TI revenue and DM6380L Suppliers and earnings expectations in the value of still and Analysis division is expected unchanged, but some investors disappointed with its failure to raise expectations, leading the companys share price in after-hours trading Thursday on the NYSE fell by 1.4%.

DM6380L Price

warming driven by demand backlight, Taiwan LED epitaxial plant upstream in March this year, revenue from the previous month full recovery. Looking in the second quarter, the current crystal blue power LED and DM6380L Price and Thai Valley to maintain full production capacity, Formosa Epitaxy, the new century, capacity utilization rose to 80% level, with display billboards stepwise into the traditional peak season, demand has increased steadily lighting , manufacturers current visibility of orders up to May, is expected in April than in March doing a good recovery, the situation would be better than the first quarter of the second quarter. Crystal power in April is expected to stand on the revenues of 10 billion Taiwan dollars to the Thai Valley, New Century in April will return to 100 million yuan on revenue of NT.

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