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AUO's precision backlight module plant operation will invest up to $ 1,206,000, set up production base in Qingdao, the backlight module is a component of LCM, backlight modules in the upstream parts plants have been set up to go to Qingdao positions, the outside world that went to the Friends of Qingdao Haier, a joint venture with the pace should be set up LCM base is also not far.

DM74ALS00AN Suppliers

CPU used in desktop computers, netbooks and DM74ALS00AN Suppliers and laptops, its direction is the pursuit of affordable, safe, low power consumption, integration, the main research unit is the Chinese Academy of Sciences Godson and Peking University Computing Chung Chi, with its products have their own characteristics. "Now the function of mobile Internet is not strong enough, the future can be computer-like mobile Internet access, and even TV has and mobile phones, computer integration trend. The future of innovation in the CPU will have a lot of space, the future of the computer will show a wider variety of forms even everywhere. "Weiwu said. "This is four core Godson 3, you see it in the media first. "Weiwu told reporters pointing to a small CPU.

DM74ALS00AN Price

Li Junfeng pointed out that in the past 30 years of development, the photovoltaic industry has accumulated rich experience, has become a mature industry, the cost continues to decline, either optimistic or conservative estimates, after 2020, the light volt power costs can be controlled at 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour less, and DM74ALS00AN Price and have large-scale development. As technology advances, photovoltaic cell production process can be complete control of pollution, energy consumption continues to decline, the life cycle of photovoltaic power generation per kWh of carbon emissions can be controlled at 50 grams, only about 5% of coal-fired power generation.

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