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Maxim has introduced the dual SCART connectors for audio / video switch MAX4397DA/SA, dual SCART switch matrix can be controlled through the I2C, the MPEG encoder and IC DM74LS14MX and two external SCART connectors to switch between audio and video signals, in line with EN50049- 1, IEC933-1, Canal + and BSkyB standards. Both video and audio channels, including the input source selection multiplexers, input buffers and output buffers, all inputs can be switched to the selected output. Audio encoder MAX4397DA DC coupled differential input, and audio encoder MAX4397SA input AC coupled single-ended. In addition MAX4397DA audio encoder input, all other inputs and outputs are AC coupled with the internal DC bias is set to a predetermined value. MAX4397DA/SA for red, green and blue component video signal to provide +5 dB to +7 dB programmable gain control, step is 1dB. All other video outputs have a fixed gain of +6 dB. In addition, the device also includes an internal luminance and chrominance (Y / C) mixer, produces a composite video signal (CVBS) provided to the RF modulator output, but also in the 100kHz to 5.5MHz with a passband ripple within the frequency range - +1 dB 1dB and internal video reconstruction between the low-pass filter. MAX4397DA/SA the TV audio channel switching can be achieved without a click, and with-56dB to +6 dB, 2dB steps programmable volume control. VCR audio output with the-6dB, 0dB or +6 dB of programmable gain. Devices but also by the left and right channels of stereo input produces mono audio signal. All audio drivers may provide minimal 3.0VRMS output. MAX4397DA/SA work with standard 5V and 12V power supply, support low-speed and fast signal switching. Programmed through the I2C interface to gain and volume control, and input source selection and switching. MAX4397DA/SA can provide a compact 48-pin thin QFN package and operates from 0 ℃ to +70 ℃ commercial temperature range.

DM74LS14MX Suppliers

in the late 80s of last century, government authorities and DM74LS14MX Suppliers and the newly established trade association clear that the electro-acoustic: electro-acoustic fundamental solution lies in the export industry, and proposes "to build export-oriented industry, electro-acoustic industry," the goal. After nearly 10 years of efforts, China has become the first electro-acoustic devices largest producer and exporter, electro-acoustic products are exported to 82 countries and regions. Now, the industry exports 80% of business enterprises, large enterprises through the ISO9000 series of quality certification, export-oriented enterprises in recent years has received QS9000 certification group, got to the international market, "green card."

DM74LS14MX Price

Currently, this activity is the main selling point of the country launched simultaneously in major cities, the popularity is quite busy. You just buy the latest hit any of a Philips LCD (170S and DM74LS14MX Price and 170V excluded), you can also receive a scratch card. Awards will consist of two and so on, scraping the second prize of customers in the spot exchange portable hub (USB2.0HUB) A, a total delivery of 210,000; scraping the customer will receive the first prize Philips a 32-inch LCD TV (Model: 32PFL3403), 100 units nationwide delivery. Customers only need to scratch the prize within 30 days after the winning will scratch original purchase invoice and product serial number and related personal information delivered to the headquarters of Philips, Philips promptly after verifying the correct LCD TV delivered to your home. Duijiang deadline April 30, 2009.

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