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Ic DM74LS574N

The keyboard is used in the mainstream market, Samsung waterproof design, the keyboard has a corresponding different regions of the bottom drainage holes, when a user when using the keyboard, soft drinks, water accidentally fell on the keyboard, these liquids can in an instant through the row # # # # # The keyboard keycap font used laser engraving technology, durable wear and IC DM74LS574N and ensure that the font clear and in good touch with the process, to ensure that users feel relaxed and in the course, in the future the process will not use the font does not appear clear phenomenon.

DM74LS574N Suppliers

Industry insiders pointed out that the TV "net", the TV is a revolutionary product initiative. For a long time television display technology products has been progress with the escalation, such as from CRT TVs to flat-panel rear-projection TV and DM74LS574N Suppliers and then TV, and as television did not change the fundamental attributes. With the global integration and the current acceleration of 3C, two major television and communications industry has shown an unprecedented convergence. In this case, television not only to meet consumer audio-visual needs, but also to be compatible with more products, communications products and computer functions, making it a multimedia information terminal, completely change the way consumers live entertainment.

DM74LS574N Price

Opteron 146 processors mPGA package, use the 90nm SOI production process; frequency is 2000MHZ, 128K of L1 level cache, 1024k of L2 level cache, FSB 200MHZ, multiplier to 10x, the interface of type SOCKET 939; CPU core voltage of 1.4V, supporting MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE, SSE3 and DM74LS574N Price and X86-64 instruction set and memory, dual channel memory controller. interested friends can pay more attention to our bubble CPU channel, recently will release the most detailed test article. Need to buy friends can also call the following counter :

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