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Ic DM9008F

It is precisely because the pursuit of cost-effective, ST-Ericsson is more inclined to choose the platform open-source Linux, now, with all platforms support Android system. Just recently, ST-Ericsson also, and IC DM9008F and ARM, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Samsung and TI to set up the Linaro organization together by these companies to provide resources and intelligence to optimize Linux development tools and LinuxKernel. Obviously, ST-Ericsson infiltration in Linux will be a little further on, while Qualcomm addition to its own operating system, on the other OS is not much bias. Because of historical heritage, ST-Ericsson is the governing members of the Symbian Foundation, it also introduced support for Symbian platform, which will help win the ST-Ericsson Nokia, the mobile phone of the most important customers.

DM9008F Suppliers

At the press view, the ST-Ericsson smart phone layout, the most high-end products, not so much to seize market opportunities, and DM9008F Suppliers and will not upset the market is against Qualcomm in the arrogance of the high-end smartphone, and the low-end products is the ST-Ericsson careful management, to really gain a foothold in the intelligence field, which is from the ST-Ericsson smart phone vision "of people people can be a smart phone "(smartphonesforall) can be seen in. ArmandGuerin in the "China Electronics News" interview, with special emphasis on consumers in developing countries, the current smart phones are too expensive, ST-Ericsson effort to change this situation.

DM9008F Price

In addition to U8500, from the ST -Ericsson this year launched two other products that can be seen that this enterprise has been in the smart phones layout: February this year, ST-Ericsson introduced a Linux-based platform for entry-level HSDPA U6715, main low-cost intelligence, It is reported that mobile phone companies goal is to make the smart phone price to $ 100 100 euro, now the product has been shipped to the Acer; launched in April this year, smart phone solutions, U5500, is targeted at mid-range mainstream market, the main high price ratio, it is learned that the product application processor and DM9008F Price and built-in dual-core mobile broadband HSPA + modems, support for 720p HD video, but also with enhanced 3D features, engineering samples of this product in the third quarter of 2010, if the price is in line with mid-range positioning, I believe that Qualcomm and TI will present the share of the impact.

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