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Ic DS1214S

owever, while in government policy and IC DS1214S and verification under escort, LED lights and lighting strong potential in the main, but compared with backlight and street lighting, automotive lighting applications with the main design requirements are more stringent harsh, especially for headlights and interior when the main light source, LED heat dissipation, luminescence efficiency and reliability are facing great challenges. Therefore, the two major potential inroads into the market, LED manufacturers have gradually developed a more efficient light-emitting LED with new cooling, packaging technology and accelerate the market shape.

DS1214S Suppliers

Meanwhile, the update detection methods and DS1214S Suppliers and equipment, to develop uniform testing standards for the industry. At present, known as LED lights manufacturers can do a lot of skill levels, leading to confusion competition in the industry, has greatly affected the quality of LED lights and credibility, weakening the confidence of users. Evidence shows that the source of these problems mainly from the chip and its packaging process. Therefore, the proposed high-power LED lighting applications should refer to international NIST standards, the chip's optical power of light not less than 300 mW, and the procurement must be certified and authorized by chip makers.

DS1214S Price

Second, the core problem of the lack of IP. With the accelerated integration and DS1214S Price and chip 3C increasing trend of integration, this problem will become more serious. Past communications, multimedia, wireless, high-speed chip interfaces, some are independent, domestic chip manufacturers can rely on their own core technology occupation in which a small piece of the market, but so integrated into the single chip SOC, most companies do not have domestic in a number of core IP technology also has the ability, all of the words of the cost of buying too high, matching is also not good enough, integrated SOC products will be free after the competition. In fact, the product line is also single-issue domestic companies behind a single core technology, technology accumulated enough problems. How new models of cooperation or other ways to solve this problem is another challenge.

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