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Ic DS1232LPS

Therefore, semiconductor manufacturers and IC DS1232LPS and automotive equipment manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers of cooperation between is particularly important. Internationally, almost all of the automotive electronics equipment manufacturers and OEMs have the origin, such as Bosch and Volkswagen, Delphi and Ford, Visteon, and the very close relationship between GMs automotive manufacturers more cooperation with equipment manufacturers. But because the car manufacturers like BMW that represent the entire auto industry trends, and their cooperation will become more "exciting."

DS1232LPS Suppliers

can not be denied, commonly referred to in the semiconductor industry, "the transition from the component level to system level" argument in the car also had effect. René said that there are two areas in the automotive electronics trends: component level, the sensor applications in the automotive field more and DS1232LPS Suppliers and more and more important; while the vehicle is becoming a system. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the automotive semiconductor makers such as basic sensor technology, but also in the design of cars to consider the systemic requirements, and this pressure will be increasing. René has said this is the "chip design companies will eventually become a system design company."

DS1232LPS Price

The report notes that the Asia-Pacific region, food prices are the major challenges the next few months. Food prices on inflation challenge than oil prices because consumer spending in the region, the food is much higher than the proportion of oil. sensor associated with car: a mechanical movement of each car can be detected by the sensor. Car Network: replacing the original heavy bus, capable of wireless internet access, but also can enhance the cars reliability.

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