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Ic DS1267S-050

Kintex-7 Series: Kintex-7 series is a new FPGA, Virtex-6 can be for less than half the price of a family with a considerable performance, cost increases double the power consumption in half. The series not only provide high-volume 10G such as wired communications equipment and IC DS1267S-050 and other optical applications require high performance or low-cost optimized 10.3Gbps 6.5Gbps serial connectivity, memory and logic performance, but also to achieve the signal processing performance, power the best balance between consumption and cost, to support long-term evolution (LTE) wireless network deployment, to meet the new generation of 3D high-definition flat panel displays stringent power and cost requirements and provide a new generation of broadcast video on demand system performance and bandwidth required.

DS1267S-050 Suppliers

Virtex-7 Series: Ultra High end of Virtex-7 Series sets a new industry performance benchmarks, compared with the Virtex-6 device, the doubling of system performance, power consumption reduced by half, 1.8 times the signal handling capacity, I / O bandwidth of 1.6 times increase, memory bandwidth 2-fold increase; memory interface performance up to 2133 Mbps, is the industrys highest density FPGA (up to 200 million logic unit), than any previous or existing FPGA is 2.5 times higher. All Virtex-7 FPGA devices are used EasyPath-7, without any design to ensure that the cost of conversion can be reduced by 35%. Virtex-7 devices support bridging and DS1267S-050 Suppliers and switching fabric 400G wired communications system, which is the core of the global wired infrastructure, but also supports advanced radar systems and high-performance computer systems to meet the single-chip signal processing capabilities TeraMACC a new generation of test and measurement requirements and equipment, logic density, performance and I / O bandwidth requirements. Virtex-7 series will be launched "XT" extended function devices, including up to 80 transceivers, dedicated support line rates up to 13.1Gbps, and the serial device bandwidth of up to 1.9Tbps. In addition, the device also provides up to 1200 SelectIO pins to support the industrys largest number of 72-bit DDR3 memory interface in parallel bank, can achieve 2133Mbps performance. Future products will also support 28Gbps transceiver.

DS1267S-050 Price

under the influence of the financial crisis, when to pick up, in the international market mainly depends on the DRAM (dynamic memory) prices, DRAM prices in the second half of 2008 appears to have bottomed Another look at the inventory of semiconductor consumption, market research company forecasts fourth quarter of 2008 isuppli stock could rise to 10 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 3.8 billion in the third quarter increased 168%, is the end of 2007, 2.3 billion more than 4 times. Forecast for 2009 global semiconductor industry decreased 16% compared to 2008 and DS1267S-050 Price and more. 3G in China mainly depends on the timetable for the introduction of standards and the promotion of home appliances to the intensity and magnitude, the most critical look at the various government measures to stimulate domestic demand, reflected in the consumer market that is whether the terminal manufacturers to quickly resume full production capacity, a comprehensive analysis about a full recovery until 2010.

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