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Metallurgy: in the first half, added value grew by 2.7% in metallurgy line, which in June rose 8.4%. Major products, crude steel production 270 million tons, up 1.2%; June, average daily production of crude steel last years 1.16 million tons in October rose to 1.65 million tons, from about 60% capacity utilization to 91% recovery.

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Designer explained: Compared with the traditional book is, Bambook book more portable for travel and DS12B887 Suppliers and carrying, while the denim the best interpretation of the travel time that the spirit of free and uninhibited. Therefore, in the design, the use of washed denim to give more emotional significance of the book, as distinct from electronic products has always been a long cold hard feeling, let us re-experience the kind of reading when holding books feel.

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NeroMoveit software is designed to allow consumers to easily convert and DS12B887 Price and share digital media content, and it applied to a variety of popular entertainment. As a complete software solution that can be used in a variety of devices for digital media files collection, organization, transmission and distribution and other related work, and to upload digital content to online communities. NeroMoveit CUDA technology to explore the software using NVIDIA® (NVIDIA&# 8482;) GPU (graphics processor) the power of parallel processing, only a very short time to complete the video conversion. For example, in the high-definition video into a format suitable for iPod playback, NeroMoveit the time required to convert a few hours from the original shortened to a mere few minutes.

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