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Ic DS1305N

2004, Sony will be the first LED backlight technology products, introduced the use of 23-inch LED backlit LCD (liquid crystal) display and IC DS1305N and 40-inch, 46 inch LCD TV . Despite the existence of these products are high power consumption, heat and the high price of large defects, but the LEDs advantages in the display quality has been fully reflected. Sony at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show CES on the public display of its 82-inch LCD TV prototype, the use of the backlight is LED instead of traditional CCFL. Demonstrate to the market in 2007 Sony introduced the use of LED backlight technology, 70-inch LCD TV, Samsung is also the global market then a 70-inch LED LCD TV.

DS1305N Suppliers

COD Automatic Analyzer is the environmental protection sector regulation and DS1305N Suppliers and operation of pollution control facilities enterprises an effective means of sewage situation. However, for the installation of the door in their own "electronic eyes", some unscrupulous companies have always tried to play tricks, and environmental protection departments hide and seek, attempt to avoid environmental responsibilities.

DS1305N Price

In structural design, MC800 uses egg-shaped body design, so that more space cavity vibration, generated more high-quality surround sound. Body ring tone filter design, the headset can be produced by vibrations in the air chamber to filter out the noise, the sound quality is more pure. It is worth mentioning that, MC800 speakers are professionally made of carefully modulated FM, is a tri-band equalizer style, the overall performance of balance, for all types of musical expression, is a very Naiting headphones.

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