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He said that many colleges and IC DS1307Z and universities in the purchase of equipment before the lack of adequate feasibility study, often by individual executive officer or person in charge of a task group by a final decision. On the one hand, most university research funding is the implementation of Task Force to approve expenditure or Project Leader is responsible for the system, the research group plans its own expenses, the purchase of equipment as special equipment, repeat spending serious, making the overall efficiency of the use of funds is not high. And the school is difficult to achieve the reasonable allocation of fixed assets, and resource sharing, research and a serious waste of funds. On the other hand, buyers tend to buy mainly engaged in administrative work, lack of expertise led to the introduction of the equipment does not meet the requirements of nowadays, such as equipment has become obsolete, or no one to introduce the equipment used and purchased do not meet the technical requirements of the future which led to idle, resulting in serious duplication, resulting in a huge waste.

DS1307Z Suppliers

3 Yue 9 afternoon, the group heard in the Microsystems Laboratory of the report and DS1307Z Suppliers and related academic reports, the morning of 10 segments in the micro-system Caohejing The effects of micro-system technology platform and laboratory research with some of the backbone of the discussion, but also to Shang Hai Ji Wu Suo laboratory professional point of light sensors were studied. Study in Shanghai, after the end of the afternoon, another group of experts to Beijing and his party base in the north of the laboratory site visits.

DS1307Z Price

According to the China Development and DS1307Z Price and Reform Commission recently published a statement, Intel has approved the construction of an investment in Dalian amounted to 2.5 billion U.S. dollars of 12-inch wafer fab for the production of CPU chipset. According to Development and Reform Commission, the plant will use 90-nanometer process, the maximum capacity is 52,000 wafers per month. Other cases is unknown, but sources familiar with the project, said Intel is expected to announce the news in a few weeks. ChuckMulloy Intel spokesman said: "We have not announced any plans, but would not comment on such speculation." If its true, then it would cause widespread impact of the U.S. semiconductor industry. U.S. governments high-tech exports to China of advanced manufacturing technology strictly controlled, can not be used in China is expected to more than Intels 0.18-micron advanced process. If Intel wafer fab in China, will be implied that the U.S. high-tech export control policy toward China loose, and allow U.S. manufacturers to expand the semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales to China. And Technological Development Zone in Dalian, an official confirmed in January, is working with Intel to negotiate. At that time the official said: "not just about packaging." But he declined to give further details. China is Intels second largest market after the United States, so there is good reason to consider the companys wafer fab in China. But also reason to suspect the authenticity of the above projects, as on Intel to build chip plant in China, long rumored for at least five years, but each time nothing. In addition, there have been rumors that Intel will build a factory in India.

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