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Ic DS1685E

Performance, wooden subwoofer, effective way to eliminate resonance and IC DS1685E and sound box, the first phase inversion control design, so the sound to play a more thorough communication, sound directivity broader broader. Subwoofer ground supercharged dual magnetic circuit design, the small elevation satellite box, more suitable for near sound field listening. 4-inch subwoofer and 3-inch whole tone horn, music filled with pure sound quality. Human touch tuning knob, one-step, easy to operate.

DS1685E Suppliers

Many advanced industrial applications, such as advanced power line monitoring system or the modern three-phase motor control system Dengjun need to use high-performance, multi-channel and DS1685E Suppliers and simultaneous sampling ADC. These applications require approximately 70dB to 90dB (depending on application) a large dynamic range for precise multi-channel simultaneous measurement, the sampling rate is usually to achieve 16ksps even higher. MAX1308, MAX1320, and MAX11046DAS devices integrated in a single package, while the 8 independent input channels and high sampling rate of successive approximation ADC. MAX11040 4-channel, 24-bit, simultaneous sampling ADC can be up to eight of the MAX11040 daisy chain connection, 32-channel simultaneous sampling, which greatly simplifies system design. Can be cascaded with a unique SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) / QSPI (queue serial peripheral interface) / MICROWIRE (actin) interface measurable characteristics of the multi-channel, eliminating the need for input through independent control of each chip select ADC complex circuit structure. MAX11040 programmable through 0μs to 333μs delay resistor divider can, transformers or analog input filter to compensate the phase shift caused. This feature combined with 90dB of SINAD (signal to noise plus distortion ratio of the sum) and 91dB of SFDR and other properties, the MAX11040 is suitable for industrial power protection equipment, medical EKG / EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment and other needs to 0.25ksps to 64ksps Accurate channel simultaneous sampling rate conversion system.

DS1685E Price

SPIL chairman Lin Wenbo efficiency is not gold for copper lines to the initial well, only about 75 ~ 80%, is now actively to achieve the best efficiency, I hope the same can be achieved with the gold standard, and DS1685E Price and from gold copper wire manufacturing process is converted to progressive, half of demand in 2010 was emerging.

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