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Ic DS1742-100

At the end of 2008, memory prices hit bottom, 2G of DDR2 memory prices on behalf of hundred dollars less than the retail price of just 98. After that, memory prices skyrocket, so far, the mainstream market price of 2G of DDR2 memory has reached on behalf of 355 yuan. Exclaimed the industry, "real estate speculation as memory ."

DS1742-100 Suppliers

Recently, VishayIntertechnology, Inc. (Visa) announced the launch of a new series of 20W thick film power resistors, these devices are easy to install a small TO-263 package (D2PAK), and DS1742-100 Suppliers and has a wide range of resistance values. These new D2TO20 thick film resistors for the non-inductive devices, providing broad resistance 0.010Ω ~ 550kΩ range. These resistors are an area of only 10.1 mm × 10.4 mm and a thickness of only 4.5 mm ultra-compact TO-263 package, thus saving valuable board space, enabling designers to reduce the size of their end products. The devices released today are mainly for industrial welding machines, test equipment, UPS, locomotive, and base station systems, terminal products, power supply, current sensing, power conversion, high-speed switching, RF applications, pulse generation, load resistors, buffer, pulse processing circuits and amplifier applications in the 20W and the D2TO20 +25 ℃ device junction to case thermal resistance when the 6.5 ℃ / W. In the resistance ≥ 0.5Ω, these resistors have a ± 150ppm / ℃ temperature coefficient of the standard, and has ± 1% ~ ± 10% standard tolerance. The new devices are connected using tinned copper, the provisions of their operating temperature range of 55 ℃ ~ +155 ℃. These devices comply with RoHS, and supports the welding temperature of 260 ℃. Currently, D2TO20 thick film power resistor Samples and production quantities are available, larger orders a period of 8 weeks.

DS1742-100 Price

theater last night, 7:00, the reporter in an Internet cafe in the Guangdong and DS1742-100 Price and Guangxi on the road to see hundreds of computers set almost full. Nearly half of young people are haughty disregard of others to smoking a cigarette, the air was filled with the choking smell of tobacco. This reporter noted that a 20-year-old young man banged on the keyboard is a dark, taking the time to his mouth with potato chips also, from time to time to lick your fingers . reporter found a space to sit down, was found on the keyboard is already a pure white traces of oil stains, several commonly used letter keys showing a clear finger shaped black mark, the black mark is left by a long time without cleaning, Reporter fingernails a few times, found that the mud was thick and India did not pull down. then press the keyboard, that feeling of fingertips are sticky, but the gap through the keyboard keys can clearly see the keyboard in the ash, hair the second quarter of 2006,

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