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DS1820 Suppliers

Taiwans Tamkang University, Mechanical and DS1820 Suppliers and Electrical Engineering has developed a size of 50μm × 50μm small pressure sensor chip. Part by pressure sensor means to improve the film formation to achieve miniaturization. Gelatin is also used on the sensor part of the package. This pressure sensor can be used for bio-related fields. According to reports, the development of the technology section of the sensor used in the film SiO2 (silicon dioxide) layer support in the production process of the sacrificial layer thin film metal layers used in the detection of piezoelectric pressure sensors are used in resistance polysilicon. All are available in the TSMC CMOS double poly four metal forming process. Part of the SiO2 layer in the holes cut out, and the formation of through-hole, and then the subsequent etching process can be used to remove the sacrificial layer and the through-hole metal. After removal of sacrificial layer, located below the sacrificial layer etching of silicon backplane also be treated to some of the piezoelectric resistance to change than the pressure. Bottom of the etched metal and silicon is used in ordinary etching material. Closed hole film is different from the CMOS process used in other processes. Specifically, it is filled from the cut hole in the protein gelatin, the space-filling on the lower part of the film. Spin coating method using only liquid gelatin can be. By filling gelatin, can eliminate the interference of the external environment. Pressure sensitivity of 8.56 ± 0.13mv/V/psi, than in the past piezoelectric resistive pressure sensor.

DS1820 Price

enesas Technology said Monday that the company plans to increase chip prices next month. This means that Renesas Technology, chip makers are out of supplies last year, a record surplus, and DS1820 Price and the shadow of loss. In 2008, the global DRAM chip prices have fallen more than 50%, but this year the price of DRAM chips has risen about double. Han Gen pointed out that "since 2007 in the DRAM chip market downturn has ended. Expected recovery in the DRAM chip industry, the time will continue for two years. " Actel Fusion Starter Kit provides content, including evaluation boards, Actels Libero IDE 7.0 version of the software, Actels Flash Pro3 programmer and guidance documents.

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