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Ic DS1834AS

● technology innovation alliance-building will help the enterprises to solve common problems However, this year the external economic environment there are still large uncertainties. Some developed countries, the unemployment rate is still close to 10%, which restricts the expansion of the consumer. Increasing trade friction, product price, inflationary pressures still exist, gold, copper and IC DS1834AS and other raw material prices, factor prices continue to climb, these constitute the unfavorable external environment. Meanwhile, the semiconductor industry is highly international industrial division of labor, subject to exchange rate and other external economic factors influenced, in particular, RMB appreciation on export orders, the efficiency of enterprises and employment will result in heavy pressure.

DS1834AS Suppliers

SSI (The Server Systems Infrastructure) specification is an Intel-driven standard blade servers, 30 July 2007, Intel co-wave, Lenovo, Prudential, etc. domestic companies jointly issued this standard.

DS1834AS Price

Technology is progressive, with the GPU general computing capabilities, GPU applications are increasingly widespread. NVIDIA CUDA strongly promoted in the general computing technologies, the company said will support GPU acceleration ElementalTechnologiesgibgsu H.264 video encoder RapiHD technology and DS1834AS Price and corresponding development of the company's BadaBOOMMediaConvertor software. The RapiHD CUDA technology and BadaBOOM software is the application of general-purpose computing, which is written in C language, optimized for NVIDIAGPU, that the British Puri 6309URFIII with GP M-boom version of the power supply part of the 9400GT with a core / memory separation design, with high quality aluminum capacitors and inductors closed, can provide a stable current output card.

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