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NEW YORK ChinaByte7 26 message (he rocks compiled), according to foreign media reports, STMicroelectronics and IC DS2010D and IBM announced that they will sign an agreement to develop the next generation of manufacturing technology, new technology will be used for semiconductor R & D and manufacturing. Second, the company said the agreement includes 300-mm wafers for 32 nm and 22 nm CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) manufacturing technology development, design authority and Prospect. The agreement also includes the core bulkCMOS both technology and high value-added derivative SoC technologies. As part of the agreement, both parties will be held in other companies to build a factory in the technical development team, to develop bulkCMOS Technology, STMicroelectronics will be at the IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center in New York to establish a research and development team. Under the terms of the agreement to jointly develop manufacturing technology will be Frances STMicroelectronics mass production of 300-mm wafer plant products, at the same time, including IBM, including 300-mm semiconductor manufacturing will also use the new common platform developed technology.

DS2010D Suppliers

apply for Internet audio-visual program services business, must have legal personality, the state-owned or state-controlled units, and DS2010D Suppliers and within three years prior to the date the application was no illegal records. This is the December 29, 2007 the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued the "Regulations Internet audio-visual program services" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") in the specified content.

DS2010D Price

The burner features a maximum reading is the addition of the intellectual technology. PureRead original sound reproduction technology can minimize the occurrence of musical distortion, improve quality and DS2010D Price and reduce read noise.

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