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Ic DS2107AS

In recent years, the field of remote control technology and IC DS2107AS and application matures, peoples lives more convenient, how to make people continue to enjoy the remote control brings causes environmental pollution, not to facilitate it? As a result, the company launched in 2008 colones energy (solar) battery remote control instead of using the traditional remote control, the series used in TV remote control, air conditioning, satellite receiver, VCD, DVD, set-top boxes and other daily appliances . However, so manufacturers are concerned that the remote control light environment than the traditional remote control the cost of production higher than 2 times its price in the industry are in high-end positioning, and consumer awareness of our country from the current point of view, single from product use on the market and even common household remote control universal remote control prices are very affordable, priced at or less than one-third of the remote control light, remote control so that high energy prices is to get the majority of recognized by consumers, have yet to market feedback, do not rule out that some consumers believe that some of the high price is paying for environmental protection. But in the long perspective, the average life of traditional remote control is about 3 years and the average life light remote control up to 5 years is long, due to the sustainable use of light remote control, eliminating use of the process to replace the battery cumbersome process and cost, but also to avoid damage from battery leakage and corrosion caused by the remote control circuit board failure and pollution family environment, and the traditional use of the remote control at the same time, at least 20 more need to replace batteries, so light remote control 5 In fact, the use of the cost is almost the same with the traditional remote control, it is clear the difference to buy an ordinary remote control is transferred to the replacement of batteries and the life on the, and the resulting environmental pollution caused by used batteries, can cause virtually paid a a higher price.

DS2107AS Suppliers

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), recently launched the ADP8870 white LED backlight charge pump drives, which enables battery-powered handheld devices reduce power consumption by up to 45%, but does not affect the display quality. ADP8870 set of three key functions in one: programmable charge pump LED backlight driver; used to automatically control the LED brightness phototransistor input; and DS2107AS Suppliers and for managing the output current ratio of PWM (pulse width modulation) input. Therefore, it can display according to ambient lighting intensity and automatically change the image of the current intensity Baiguang Cheng points, thereby significantly reducing power consumption. ADP8870 can automatically perform this function without using the processor to monitor the photo-transistor, which can further reduce backlight power requirements and simplifies portable design.

DS2107AS Price

C283 supports up to 1.8A per channel output current, and DS2107AS Price and a very high power conversion efficiency (up to 94%), low shutdown current (typical 1μA), along with outstanding transient state response for the system from low power standby mode to full power operation, fast switching. Ultra-small size, high efficiency and high-performance combination makes the SC283 an ideal for a variety of load power solutions, including analog, microcontroller, DSP and digital ASIC

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