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Ic DS2110

The CAP Starter Kit based on a single PCB, with the AT91CAP9S ARM926EJ-S based microcontroller, 64MB SDRAM application memory, 512MB NAND flash memory, up to 8MB of DataFlash (this is optional), and IC DS2110 and provides support for Ethernet, USB controllers and USB devices, VGA LCD with touch screen function, SD Card, 4 analog inputs and headphone various external interfaces such as and a subject as the bearer of Altera Stratix 2 EP2S15F484 FPGA and serial configuration memory supporting EPCS16. The FPGA can provide 15,600 four-channel input lookup table (Lookup Table, LUT) equivalent value, corresponding to the CAP metal programmable block for about 124,800 a gate. AT91CAP9S on the board with 64 general purpose I / O connections, and on which there are two groups of 64 FPGA I / O peripheral components, can be used to implement application-specific external interfaces. In addition, one for CAP9 JTAG ICE-JTAG programming interface and one for Stratix2 JTAG programming USB-Blaster-JTAG interface, you can debug. CAP Starter Kit also includes Atmels AT73C224 and AT73C239 ICs for power supply and battery management.

DS2110 Suppliers

D display technology and DS2110 Suppliers and its application - size of home theater display format of the worlds largest LCD TV screen ulti-touch display technology - first color touch light pen features built-in e-touch whiteboard nvironment protection and energy of electronic display technology - the first wide angle

DS2110 Price

Reporter from the mobile phone business in China-Mitsubishi --- Mitsubishi Soyea Mobile Communication Company Limited (Mitsubishi Mobile) Internal informed, Mitsubishi Mobile has held 24 meetings within the company, announced the abolition of the company is located in Beijing, Shanghai mobile phone sector, and DS2110 Price and exit the mobile phone market. The factory is located in Hangzhou, is also facing off.

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