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The second is based on independent innovation, breakthroughs in key technologies, focus on building self-controlled system of the integrated circuit industry, a breakthrough new type of display industry bottlenecks, improve the ability of independent development of software industry . on the project, setting up shops, industrial revitalization plan in order to catch this train, industry executives and IC DS2151QB and local government were trying to sprint.

DS2151QB Suppliers

Samsung on Monday announced that it has developed a new high-capacity computer memory technology, making the flash memory can replace some of the mini-PC hard disk. Samsungs latest NAND flash memory chip capacity bodes well for the 16-bit, the figure is Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi and DS2151QB Suppliers and other vendors developed last year, the 8-bit NAND flash memory chips auspicious. NAND flash memory is widely used in digital cameras, mobile phones, digital music players and other consumer electronics products. However, officials of Samsungs NAND flash memory will this new chip, called a miniature hard drive, and even hard drives used in notebook computers to replace the goods. A Samsung representative said, it is clear, NAND will become the most popular this year than NOR flash memory. Analysts expected sales of the global NAND flash revenue will reach 9.4 billion. Samsung also said that through the use of multiple 16-auspicious-bit flash memory chips, mobile and portable application designers to produce a 32GB capacity memory card can store 8,000 MP3 music files or 20 movies. Samsung plans to begin the second half of next year, with 0.05-micron technology bode well for mass production of 16-bit NAND flash memory chips.

DS2151QB Price

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