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PageNext>l Special Power Management Group, senior product marketing manager Alan Burchfield said: " No other competitor can provide the industry such a small area of the dual 1.8A step-down regulator. Achieve this amazing performance of ultra-small area without the need for a compromise. In fact, SC283 provide very high efficiency, excellent transient response, and IC DS26LS31CN and has the ability to dynamically change the voltage, small package can provide for the design of simple and environmentally friendly solution. "

DS26LS31CN Suppliers

· industrys highest pixel level can be up to 2,000 million pixel performance and DS26LS31CN Suppliers and high-quality video capture capabilities 720pHD · high performance continuous shooting mode, 8MP, 1.4 per second, the trigger mode, up to 2 frames per second

DS26LS31CN Price

(Electronic markets Reuters) Linear Technology has introduced the industrys first tiny 3-lead 2mmx2mm DFN package Series precision voltage reference LT6660. These compact devices to 0.2% initial accuracy, 20ppm drift with micro-power operation combined, only need less than half of the SOT-23 package space. In addition, LT6660 no output compensation capacitor, the PC board space is very valuable or the need for rapid stabilization of the occasion, this is a crucial advantage. LT6660 acceptable input voltage up to 30V and DS26LS31CN Price and can withstand reverse battery condition. Output voltages include 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, 5V and 10V. The tiny device pressure is only 900mV, can deliver up to 20mA of current, which is ideal for precision regulator applications of choice. LT6660 does not require the output compensation capacitor, it also applies to itself, there are certain requirements for security applications. LT6660 without sacrificing performance, the new design significantly reduces the size. Linear Technology designs, said Brendan Whelan, head: "LT6660 The area is only 4mm2,, but has a very good performance and accuracy specifications." LT6660 has started full production, 1,000-piece quantities starts at each piece $ 0.88. Performance Summary: LT6660 * 3-lead DFN package * Low Drift: up to 20ppm / ° C * High accuracy: up to 0.2% * Low supply current: 115μA * * to ensure that the output current of 20mA output capacitor reverse battery protection * * Voltage Select: 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, 5V and 10V * offers three accuracy classes: H (0.2% initial accuracy, 20ppm drift) J (0.4% initial accuracy, 20ppm drift) K (0.5% in early the beginning of the accuracy, 50ppm drift)

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