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Core Technology + Applications = LED industry, the scale of the king. LED has a small size, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, security, reliability, energy saving features, the inherent characteristics of the decision that it is best to replace the traditional light green light source, is considered to be human, following Edison After the invention of incandescent light bulbs is one of the greatest inventions. The production of semiconductor lighting over 3000 enterprises, of which 70% concentrated in downstream industries, and IC DS90C031BTMX and the technical level and product quality varies. At present, China can be mass-chip and wafer to house only 10 companies, and domestic LED epitaxial materials, the main chip to middle and low, 80% of the power type LED chips, components imported. Lighting Driver IC China is still developing stages, with no fixed size, no driver IC, LED lighting, "light bulb" can not enter the homes of ordinary people. LED industry has three types of companies with high investment value: a core intellectual property and the LED chip industry and technology to track the more successful the enterprise; excellent downstream packaging and focus on the future of LED general lighting areas of business; LED industry chain in the peripheral electronic materials and scale advantages of the field of driver IC business. A share listed company proposes to focus the core upstream production Tianfu Thermoelectric materials, LED system integration side strong core competitiveness of large groups, with a complete industrial chain of LED optoelectronic joint creation.

DS90C031BTMX Suppliers

After the first few months of price increases, and DS90C031BTMX Suppliers and is expected to continue rising in coming months, will enable suppliers closer to the second half of 2009 once again profitable. In this context of rising prices strong, with a lower cost structure and higher shipments of Korean television provider, will be profitable in June. Taiwan suppliers are expected to begin in July to achieve profitability. As profitability has been restored, South Korea suppliers feel the urge to smaller price increases, unlike its peers in Taiwan.

DS90C031BTMX Price

December 11, Li Jing Optoelectronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Marketing Department Marketing Director Cai Mengru line of Jiyuan City, Henan Province to visit. Jiyuan Zhao Suping mayor, vice mayor Hu Hanyang met Caimeng Ru line.

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