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China in the wireless intelligent sensor network communication, micro-sensors, sensor nodes, cluster points and IC DS90C363AMTD and application systems development and other key sensor technology has made significant progress. From Shanghais "Chinese Academy of Sciences Symposium on sensor technology," the learned, "fifth" period, the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized the hospital carried out 20 joint research institute, in basic research, the series of algorithms, systems, in particular, were emplaced sensor network, MESH (mesh network) sensor network, distributed task allocation is limited handicapped, blind source separation sensor networks, collaborative fusion, target tracking, target positioning. Sensors in important areas, the independent development of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) vibration sensor, MEMS sound sensor, MEMS infrared sensors, optical sensors, acoustic array sensors, forming a MEMS sensor-based, complex more information about the miniaturization of sensors detecting . Currently, there are 7 kinds of devices the application of a clear direction, the two devices available in volume, Chinese Academy of Sciences established a leading position in MEMS technology. At the system level, developed a series of 9 5 sensor network terminals, four series of base stations and other prototype, low power, miniaturization and other aspects of a breakthrough. In the private network of a major breakthrough, the use of the development of sensor network devices can be composed of various types of sensor networks, and successfully implemented a variety of wireless sensor network and public network, satellite network encryption Internet. Meanwhile, the development of complete chip core protocol for wireless sensor networks.

DS90C363AMTD Suppliers

In fact, the earliest known Lanhuakechuang is not a new energy projects , but its tradition of our coal industry. Shu Ling Hai Tong Securities analyst said Lanhuakechuang Coal has formed a series of products, set the coal, chemical fertilizer, refined coal, chemical, biological engineering, network information and DS90C363AMTD Suppliers and other diverse industries in one of the company. From the companys 2008 Annual Report has been published to see last year under the influence in the international financial crisis continues to complete the net profit of 1.401 billion yuan, the main business income of 4.912 billion yuan, 2.45 yuan to maintain earnings per share, the current dynamic price-earnings ratio is only 11.4 times, compared A shares than the average PE ratio of 20 times lower by nearly half.

DS90C363AMTD Price

In addition, solar power companies, according to Chongqing orchid person in charge, in June this year, the company projects will be fully put into operation, when the annual sales income of 2.5 billion. On this basis, the investment will produce 100 megawatts of solar cell and DS90C363AMTD Price and battery components, the annual sales income will reach 50 billion yuan. Eventually, the company will build 3,000 tons of silicon and chip and 300 megawatts of solar cells and cell components, with annual sales income of up to 150 billion yuan.

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