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Recently, the Shang Hai Ji Wu Suo Fang Zhonghua, Pricing in other applications CHEN Gui-lin "a pushbroom super high resolution image bundles transform infrared focal plane optical imaging system," national patent. The system uses infrared fiber optic image bundles and IC DS90C385AMT and the corresponding image processing technology, large-scale infrared optical imaging detector system and its associated long line out research and development of refrigeration technology for the application requirements into the current Mature infrared focal plane array technology and computer image processing technology, availability of higher resolution and excellent performance, help to optimize system design and reduce system complexity, reduce size and weight of optical imaging system, a large variety of platforms for monitoring, surveillance and air-to-ground optical remote sensing imaging system. Turn into the invention system includes the optical fiber connecting the long line out front, optical scanning imaging infrared systems, infrared fiber optic image bundles, optical couplers and area array imaging infrared focal plane array FPA, and the photoelectric conversion transfer interface, followed by the image processing part of the system.

DS90C385AMT Suppliers

CCL lead-free electronics manufacturing industry has been diligently pursuing the goal, but also a necessity for construction of urban environmental protection. Recently, in my community town gate ITEQ Technology Co., Ltd. will be held in product descriptions, announced that it has overcome technical difficulties and DS90C385AMT Suppliers and a number of products, truly lead-free. According to Union Leader Mao Chen introduced the company, CCL is the electronics industry, the production of basic materials, widely used in mobile phones, computers and other electronic products. CCL in the past, generally contain lead, which lead into the water can easily damage the urban environment, this year, July 1, the EU issued a special environmental requirements for production of CCL completely lead-free, or can not sales within the European Union, which is the worlds electronics industry development trend of production areas. In order to gain a firm foothold in the market competition, the United Mao companies have invested a year ago to lead-free products, research and production, R & D personnel in the companys tireless efforts, the company overcome a number of technical problems, the first launch full range of solutions, and to produce new lead-free laminate materials. Currently, the sales momentum is good, with sales growing rapidly, and was South Koreas Samsung, Sony and many other large electronics manufacturers to use. Chen said that since the emergence of lead-free laminate materials, next year the world electronics market will enter a transition period, the traditional lead-CCL manufacturers will likely be eliminated, while the United no doubt that Mao companies had accounted for in the first competition in the market machine. from this years Q3, due to seasonal reasons, sales continue to rise 15-20% no longer objections. But in most of the market when the company believes Q4 and Q3 to be flat to slightly down.

DS90C385AMT Price

According to RenesasTechnology introduced in the NEC in producing mobile phones equipped with SH-Mobile is the first time. The original model "MoverN504i" using NEC's CPU "V850". "This time, through cooperation with NEC communications processing applications to the outside of the SH processor" (RenesasTechnology). In addition, dual-CPU architecture of the PDC on the phone, in addition to the display of the N505i, there NTTDoCoMo's "MoverF504i" and DS90C385AMT Price and so on.

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