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Recently, the constant G9PRO also conducted a comprehensive upgrade, the radar will be the first to upgrade the grounds of the original zinc alloy crafted radar head, which not only look more fashion radar head beautiful, quality is more robust, and IC DS90CF561MTD and scientifically designed, rugged machine texture expanded reception area radar to improve the accuracy of early warning and timely, so that the gun in the constant first-class technology and on a higher level.

DS90CF561MTD Suppliers

Published this year in the constant in the constant GPS, this one called G9PRO fully functional machine is undoubtedly the most concern, it will zinc alloy forging technology into the product, this is the first use of this domestic a cutting-edge technology. Zinc alloy forging technology ensures that GPS is never deformed, reducing the GPS satellite positioning material disruption search to improve the search GPS satellite positioning accuracy.

DS90CF561MTD Price

In the domestic field the flow of one machine gun, the constant is currently the most advanced technology, they are not only the originator, sales champion, is the first brand of mobile speed worthy. Although one machine by the impact of counterfeiting, but the constant is still an average of one every three mobile speed machine will have a constant from the remarkable achievements in the Swordsman. Recently, the constant full range of products also passed the national quality inspection, and DS90CF561MTD Price and obtain the relevant certificate of honor, more consolidation in the constant leader in the GPS field. If consumers are troubling aspects of a speeding ticket, buy the natural choice for permanent GPS.

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