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old Yao said, start with the mainland of the GEM, including Shenzhen core states, the National Technology, Shanghai, China and IC DS90LV031ATM and Asia Micro, Hisense letter and a number of core companies already in pre-IPO quiet period, more including the RDA, the Haitai King, Geke micro, Availink and other companies listed on NASDAQ in the planning or acquisition sale, 2010, ICs, is expected to add more than 10 billionaires. He said, "cottage and the local IC combines cell phone, will be the only way for China to Created in China."

DS90LV031ATM Suppliers

face a number of participants attracted by the old Yao generously site predicted the future development of Chinas IC industry outlook. He said that the company had been lagging behind the mainland of Taiwan IC design companies, but in 2009, including Hass, Zhangjiang Shanghai, RDA, Availink, Shanghai Thai King and DS90LV031ATM Suppliers and other than mainland China IC design, including the companys business income will exceed 1 billion U.S. dollars, Even if the short term is difficult to similar mainland MTK this giant, the next 3 years can certainly exceeded 5 billion mark for the company.

DS90LV031ATM Price

"cottage" to a certain extent, is "piracy", "imitation" of the pronoun. However, as the news of Chinas most well-informed sources IC circle one of the old Yao was that the cottage is to promote the local mobile phone ICs explosive growth, the maturity of the local IC cottage in turn enhances the competitiveness and DS90LV031ATM Price and market mobile phones innovation. He believes that 2010 will be a new round of China IC industry to benefit, with the launch of the GEM mainland, this area is expected next year, with more than 10 new billionaires. It was his mobile by the Shanghai Pudong New Area Association of No. 50 and 71 ITalk forum to share ideas the industry elite.

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