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By the CAS Changchun Institute of Optics WASHINGTON, Xiamen University, shared the National Natural Science Foundation Key Project "of zinc oxide single crystal thin films, physical properties and IC DS90LV031ATMTC and devices", has officially adopted the National Natural Science Foundation of experts from the Ministry of Information Science group of mid-term inspection and acceptance. The project is the first in China to obtain a zinc oxide electroluminescent homojunction, and the first time in the international growth of the sapphire substrate at room temperature zinc oxide electroluminescent diodes for future zinc oxide outer glow and blue-violet laser diode development experimental basis. According to the project leader Changchun Institute of Optics researcher Zhen Shen, due to the short-wavelength laser to improve the bandwidth of optical communication, optical information storage density and read speed is important, and white lighting in the semiconductor, medical and biological, and other high-tech fields with a wide range of applications, so the research of zinc oxide caused great attention of scientists around the world. Since 1996, scientists first reported in Chinas Hong Kong films of zinc oxide at room temperature by near-UV pump laser, the international research on zinc oxide have made some progress though, but because of the strong self-compensation effect, high-quality p-type Preparation of zinc oxide zinc oxide become an obstacle to the development of a problem. Until 2004, the Japanese study group only in aluminum-magnesium acid acquired scandium oxide substrate homogeneous pn junction electroluminescence. Researchers to undertake the project after two years of painstaking research, a number of key issues to get a breakthrough. Including the use of molecular beam methods, by optimizing the growth process, were prepared by high-quality zinc oxide single crystal thin films, and observed a strong free exciton luminescence. On this basis, a different gas source, by adjusting the reaction in situ particle type, the sapphire substrates were successfully prepared nitrogen-doped p-type ZnO thin film, zinc oxide and then get homogeneous pn junction. The work has been famous in the international journal Appl.phys.Lett. ("Applied Physics Letters") published.

DS90LV031ATMTC Suppliers

In addition, Bokai wireless keyboard keycap War Challenge by laser engraving technology, abrasion resistance loss, and DS90LV031ATMTC Suppliers and the key key-way medium, and using the mute setting, not only can feel comfortable operation, and does not noise will affect others.

DS90LV031ATMTC Price

Keywords: standard certification of new power transformer insulation transformer State Environmental Protection Administration recently issued by the dry-type transformers of type Ⅰ environmental labeling certification standards, that energy-saving industrial products began to be a concern. "UNFCCC" to save energy alternative to fossil energy sources, global environmental protection into action, so that human activity and DS90LV031ATMTC Price and life and energy related activities, all human activities associated with the occurrence of environmental protection. State Environmental Protection Administration has issued the environmental indicators of emphasis on product quality mark must comply with GB/T10228-1997 and GB6450-1986 quality standard, production must meet emission standards, the product of load loss, load loss, noise, partial discharge be limited to four indicators, in particular, that no-load loss is lower than the national standard of 20%, less than 15% load loss, noise, 15% lower than the JB/T10088-1999 standard, partial discharge standards to achieve superior product standards JB/T56009-1998 . Besides, most of the country but also for dry-type transformers, epoxy resin casting, abandoned after the resin curing glass fused into a whole, can not decompose and pollute the environment. Using new materials such as DuPont NOMEX insulation dry type transformer with high insulation levels, does not produce toxic gases when burned, reliable, easy to break down, small size, light weight, etc., should be advocated. There have been several mass production of domestic enterprises, to promote a great momentum. For this reason, environmental labeling certification to cast resin dry-type power transformer out of the environment outside the gate signs. Can be expected, such as dry-type transformers for industrial products to develop energy-saving, low noise standards for industrial products will become more energy-saving low-noise environmental certification mark of the pilot, so as to promote businesses to accelerate the pace of the environment!

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