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Ic DSEI30-12A

National Semiconductor (National Semiconductor Corporation) announced the companys PowerWise energy-efficient products Adds two new high-efficiency SIMPLE SWITCHER Synchronous Buck Regulator. The two models for the LM3102 and IC DSEI30-12A and LM3103 are highly integrated chip is up to 42V input voltage synchronous buck regulator. The LM3102 2.5A and 750mA of the LM3103 chip, chip for powering digital integrated circuits, ideal for industrial systems and telecommunications equipment. 1.5A with the previously introduced the LM3100 chip, National Semiconductor and further enriched the family of SIMPLE SWITCHER lineup. LM3100 chip with a similar energy-efficient features, both the LM3102 and LM3103 latest chip energy efficiency up to 97%. Built-in MOSFET switching circuit with a small inductor can further reduce the number of system components and reduce system size. Both buck regulator with fixed-time (COT) control design, no need to provide loop compensation. In addition, both chips use the flywheel current injection control (FCIC) patented technology, which can be used to replace tantalum capacitors ceramic capacitors. National Semiconductor, SIMPLE SWITHCER with other products, like family, LM3102 and LM3103 chips easy to use, and design engineers can access the online National WEBENCH power supply design tools, faster completion of system design. LM3102 and LM3103 Features synchronous buck switching regulator for 4.5V to 42V input voltage, and can set the switching frequency up to 1MHz. LM3102 chip can provide up to 2.5A load current, the output voltage as low as 0.8V. LM3103 chip can provide up to 750mA of current, the output voltage as low as 0.6V. Both are available for the regulator to provide excellent line and load regulation effects. If the load is low, LM3102 and LM3103 discontinuous mode operation can be used to improve efficiency. At startup, they are not pre-biased output capacitor will discharge, thus ensuring the stability of a voltage ramp. In addition, both chip also features programmable soft-start, valley current limit, output overvoltage protection and thermal shutdown protection and many other features. LM3102 chip package and price was no masking the 20-pin TSSOP package ball, LM3103 chip cooling ability of the non-masked ball of the 16-pin TSSOP package. Both chips are available in volume. 1,000-unit purchases, LM3102 chip is priced at $ 2.65 single, LM3103 single chip is priced at $ 2.00.

DSEI30-12A Suppliers

manufacturing process, with the exception of Toshiba and DSEI30-12A Suppliers and Sony used to etch glass, plastic, and then posted back to the indirect process, other companies most directly on the plastic substrate on the development of TFT . The only difference is that only Sharp (Sharp) and Samsung Electronics is contained in glass and plastic substrates with a plastic used in the middle of the process, and Philips (Philips) and "institute" is replaced by direct deposition gel process, the plastic substrate coated onto a glass substrate production.

DSEI30-12A Price

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