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Chinas Ministry of Industry official said, the semiconductor light as a new green lighting industry, has been the development of national standards and IC DTA114EK and industry standards lag, resulting in confusion in the market, inferior products flooding the market, seriously restricting the semiconductor lighting industry healthy and rapid development. To solve the problems facing the semiconductor lighting industry, the Ministry of Industry was established in 2005 semiconductor lighting technology standards working group, after years of efforts, the Working Group in the semiconductor lighting materials, chip technology, packaging products and test methods of detecting a breakthrough, and presided over developed a nine industry standards.

DTA114EK Suppliers

headphones and DTA114EK Suppliers and other audio electronic products, mobile phones, after ranking as the second largest Bluetooth market. With hands-free legislation enacted more and more cities and countries, the basic type of headset (also known as mono headsets) will increase sales of an estimated 2007 sold 80 million, many of which used car hands-free calls, in this application environment, the high voice quality and noise cancellation technology is essential. In the past, noise and echo suppression algorithms generally be limited to the application of high-end headphones and realize this algorithm requires additional components, the headset is also very high manufacturing costs.

DTA114EK Price

At 18:53 on January 5, Beihai Beihai city government received on duty Unicom Phone: There are seven fishermen missing at sea, it is learned that one of the fishermen using CDMA mobile phones, satellite positioning request through CDMA Network technical assistance to find these missing fishermen. Human life, the circumstances that led the North Sea Unicom, immediately instructed the technicians to satellite positioning search to find missing persons. Technical staff to CDMA positioning technology to track cell phone signal path, the signal detected in the sand along the sea Fangcheng enterprises will immediately report to the government. Urban fishery assistance stations that send the information immediately after the rescue boat, visit Fangcheng SAND enterprises. 22:00 or so, search and DTA114EK Price and rescue ship finally rescued in the storm's seven fishermen Trek. I heard the fishermen were rescued by the CDMA mobile phone to be alive is very grateful to the North Sea Unicom. He holds a CDMA mobile phone named the North Sea fishermen fishing safety net Unicom users, he said with emotion, I am glad I have been using CDMA cell phone, or hard to imagine the consequences. In the future, I will use it !

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