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Trust-Mart will be the business philosophy has always been inexpensive to provide the best product for the masses. The introduction of multi-computer brain box series benefits the same value. And the sale of other computers on the market is slightly different, more brain box is used in Taiwan's VIA Technologies, VIA-core processors in China, compared with the other computers the most striking feature is less heat, low power consumption, low noise. According to evaluation ,

DTC124EK Suppliers

Camera is easy to use, it takes superior technical parameters is not enough. Olympus E-P2 in the product details are under a great effort. Whether from the SLR "mutiny" over the professionals, or the ingrained habits DC photography newcomers to the E-P2 will be the user interface more cordial. This is because it has a screen, live view function, but also more intuitive operation using the GUI interface, with a little digital friends used can easily get started. The terms of the relative entry-level SLR, E-P2 has a more "luxury" double trackwheel design, you can not leave the screen view on the menu at the same time adjusting two parameters, for example, while adjusting the aperture and DTC124EK Suppliers and shutter, efficiency gains, set also more convenient. In addition to LCD screen, E-P2 also offers a 100% field of view coverage, and in the range of 0-90 degrees vertical flip the EVF electronic viewfinder. Levels similar to the "eye-level viewfinder," put up just after the "waist level" finder, with the plane of the photographer used medium format is to understand its meaning. An insect photography enthusiasts and even jokes that E-P2 cured his back pain: Because he does not have to see the LCD screen viewing angle and, to put all their uncomfortable position, next to the axis of the camera has no parallax .

DTC124EK Price

in 2006, the release of Core 2 Duo, DX10 the emergence of a simmering peripheral market; WindowsVISTA 2007 release, triggering a new round of upgrades fanaticism. In 2008, we will celebrate the Olympic Games in high definition broadcasting, mass storage will become a reality. Trends tell us that, regardless of the living room entertainment PC platform and DTC124EK Price and have had a major change, a new round of upgrading and purchasing the climax has come. For VISTA, because the digital home, as Blu-ray, 2007 will become the de facto competition on quality peripherals. In the upcoming market blowout in a full product line of peripherals BenQ BenQ, the industry will undoubtedly become a pilot. VISTA upgrade frenzy caused by the city to the computer, seize 10 high-end graphics card users to buy, there will be reasons to buy 9 to answer is: because of VISTA. Catch 10 to buy Core 2 Duo processors, users, and 10 will say, as VISTA. Similarly, to seize 10 to buy large-size widescreen LCD monitor user, they would tell you, the reason is simple, because VISTA, because high-definition movie! Yes, VISTA's release means that the PC into a high-definition and three-dimensional interactive era. The traditional 4:3 aspect ratio, can no longer meet people's needs, 1280 × 1200 resolution, let VISTA slightly rough. As a result, people will look to a higher resolution 20-inch, 22 inch and 24-inch full HD. Of course, not the desktop display resolution and application of all. How to provide the perfect high-resolution movies, games, display, is placed in front of the major display manufacturers problem. BenQ developed the plug on this demand technology PerfectMotion sharp black

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