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Ic E28F640J3A120

Third, do not have wireless Internet access; Bambook of the biggest advantages is the easy access and IC E28F640J3A120 and a huge network resources. Wi-Fi and 3G, but the power is too great, in order to avoid wasting a shred of power, I recommend using only USB agents online. One can also connect to the Internet to get content updates, and secondly, not only power but also the way to Bambook charge. Of course, it is very convenient wireless network, often to read news and blog for friends, you need to consider, as appropriate slightly, but I do not recommend using it, and hematemesis recommendations must be promptly shut down Wi-Fi. From Wi-Fi will not be able to save nearly 10 to 30% of the power, here we take a compromise value of 15%.

E28F640J3A120 Suppliers

Second, the use of speed priority mode; in accordance with the forum "experts" saying, Bambook quality priority mode is in dealing with the time frame, an increase of computing a full-screen anti-aliasing be a very smooth display. Netizens said it was because reducing the gray scale fonts calculate the processor speed. Whether that is true, one thing is clear, Bambook the fast response speed priority mode. I guess the processor will certainly reduce the amount of computation, the screen will certainly reduce the power consumption, which is Bambook life in this mode will be longer. Feelings from the author's sixth sense, it should be about 5% increase.

E28F640J3A120 Price

A, the smallest font size used to read; undeniable, Bambook the "#" key to zoom the font is very convenient, because of this feature, so I believe that in general use under the conditions of adequate light to read fine print Each page shows the number of words per cent more than in font size 30% to 40%. That is a book with a small font, font size compared to the more than 25% to save pages, the corresponding page number will be reduced by 25% or more. And we know EInk not flip the screen when it is almost not a power, allowing more than 25% more power, oh.

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