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This is the e-logistics industry prosperity manholes most vivid footnote. The economic territory of the manhole on the street, along the 107 National Road and IC ECHU1C103JX5 and Baoan Road all the way west, electronic logistics industry at an alarming rate of wealth accumulation.

ECHU1C103JX5 Suppliers

HT46R72D-1 and ECHU1C103JX5 Suppliers and HT46R73D-1 is HOLTEK (Holtek) Semiconductors new DualSlopeA/DType8-BitOTPMCU, compliance with industry specifications, but also has OTPPartialLock function, used to be stored calibration data products, will savings for the clients external EEPROM demand, coupled with the rich and diverse functions, in particular for electric bridge transducer measurement system can be used to measure pressure, temperature and humidity changes in products, such as: weight, pressure gauge, thermometer, hygrometer, tire pressure and so on. HT46R72D-1 and HT46R73D-1 specification and 4KOTPROM contains 2K of program memory, 96Byte data memory (RAM) ,16-bitTimer and 8-bitTimer each one, the other with Buzzer hardware output. A total of 12 I / OPin feet, with a wake-up function (Wake-up), one of the legs with an external interrupt Pin function. Built-in LCD drive circuit, the largest drive 64 LCDPanel. HT46R72D-1 and HT46R73D-1 has a pair of the slope of the internal analog-digital converter (DualSlopeADC, as a widely used type of measurement system ADC, the ADC contains operational amplifiers, voltage couplers, integrator and comparator). And provide a boost circuit (ChargePump) and output 3.3V regulator (Regulator). Noise and low voltage protection, it also provides a watchdog (Watchdog) and LVD / LVR (LowVoltageDetect / LowVoltageReset) configuration. HOLTEK Semiconductor also provides fully functional hardware and software development tools, including simulators (In-Circuit-Emulator), writer, Windowsbased software development environment (HT-IDE3000), C language compiler and a variety of application notes, etc., for necessary faster and more efficient tracking program development process and debug the user application. HT46R72D-1 and HT46R73D-1 support the 52QFP package and die, now provide customers with sample requests and production orders.

ECHU1C103JX5 Price

At the same time, France Telecom also by the trend of rapid development of the Internet into the network development. His command of the Wa Nadu is France's largest Internet service provider, also has a range of web sites to provide search engines to e-commerce from a variety of services. In 1998, the Wa Nadu is still only 495,000 users, has increased to 2.24 million in 2000, only two years, will be more than quadrupled. Today, major Internet service providers in Europe, the Wa Nadu after the Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Online's door to second place.

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