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Ic EDS1216AATA-75-E

Legend, King Arthur's court in the European Middle Ages, a number of other knights the highest year, Arthur the knight gathered in Camelot Castle, because of their table is a round-table meetings, so they have a high Name: Round Table Knights. Leading headset manufacturers Salar (SALAR) to the medieval knights in Europe for the design concept, the latest high-end cafes a lofty pride headphones, Salar C8. Xiao Bian and IC EDS1216AATA-75-E and all of them to see how this is a product.

EDS1216AATA-75-E Suppliers

AS8510 high precision data acquisition device can be configured as a differential synchronous dual-channel operation, or re-used as single-ended channels plus two channels to achieve the order of a differential measurement. In addition to measuring current and EDS1216AATA-75-E Suppliers and voltage, AS8510 can also be an internal sensor or chip 250μA current source from the external temperature sensors supply accurate temperature measurement. AS8510 includes an internal high precision reference, integrated digital low-pass filter, on-chip precision oscillator and 4-wire SPI interface.

EDS1216AATA-75-E Price

ASE and EDS1216AATA-75-E Price and Siliconware benefits increasingly intense competition, leading ASE for copper Siliconware half a year. Zhang Qian-sheng, chairman of ASE, the price of gold is very expensive, has the highest cost is to package, therefore, do not convert copper process can not, and the customer demand is very urgent for copper processing, the application product line also extends to the mid-range products, After years of self-development, ASE has high yield for copper is expected to be the next 2 to 3 years will be to package all the way into copper, as copper process with the industry not to keep up with the pace, and even experimental work are not yet begun, if not go for copper future, business will be very hard.

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