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Ic EE80C196KC20

GoogleG1 the use of innovative Android platform and IC EE80C196KC20 and equipped with a clocked at 528MHz for QualcommMSM7201 processor and built-in 128MBROM and 64MBRAM memory space. At the same time, GoogleG1 built-in Web browser based on Safari, and Gmail, GoogleMaps and YouTube and other Google applications. As for the Wi-Fi, GPS navigation, microSD memory card expansion, stereo Bluetooth, USB2.0 transfer functions, from the performance in terms of, GoogleG1 have done perfect.

EE80C196KC20 Suppliers

GoogleG1 equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, the popular market, and EE80C196KC20 Suppliers and is equipped with a viewing area of about 3.17-inch 26 million color HVGA (480 × 320 pixel) resolution touch screen display is very good, it is estimated followed by the G1 friends to enjoy the movie a lot of people in the back of the fuselage is equipped GoogleG1 a 3.1 million pixel camera.

EE80C196KC20 Price

Light from the appearance point of view, GoogleG1 not many pleasant surprise, after all, a large-screen mobile phone market is now everywhere, a look at the Nokia 5800 will know, but when GoogleG1 slide open, you only will find that there is heaven and EE80C196KC20 Price and earth, curved track slider, so make use of friends feel more comfortable keyboard, 117 × 55 × 16mm/158g weight measurements are similar to most smart phones.

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