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Ic EL1528CLZ

Discrete semiconductor devices is an important part of the semiconductor industry is playing an increasingly important role. New power electronic devices, modules and IC EL1528CLZ and applications, but also areas of particular concern to the industry, for efficient energy saving, environmental protection plays a very important role. Power production industry has been able to MOS devices, the market is increasing steadily improved product level. IGBT power devices are also becoming more sophisticated production techniques. Associated power supply system for fast recovery diodes, Schottky diodes, as well as a variety of power management integrated circuits has also been great progress, market share has gradually expanded. ICChina2010 during the China Semiconductor Industry Association discrete devices branch of the contractor's "Power Electronics and Low Carbon Economy" seminar, Jiangsu East light, Suzhou solid Tc, 55, Institute of Electronic Technology Group, Hebei Pu Xing, Shenzhen and Chengdu love University of Electronic Science and Technology and other units of the executives, experts on new power electronic devices, green and efficient power supply, power management integrated circuits and other areas of technology innovation, application development example, market vision, industry and other aspects of planning proposals, the full exchange, a total of China's new development of power electronics technology.

EL1528CLZ Suppliers

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EL1528CLZ Price

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