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Ic EL2171CS

On the International Supercomputing Conference (International Supercomputing Conference), Intel Corporation made public its first commercial ultra-multi-core chips "Knights Corner", this product borrowed Larrabee architecture and IC EL2171CS and Tera-scale Computing Research Program (Tera-scale Computing Research Program) technology, can be more than 50 processor cores integrated onto a single chip to go, products are mainly for high-performance computing market. According to Intel, said this product will be produced using 22nm process technology.

EL2171CS Suppliers

SystemsDevelopment & Solutions (SDS) exhibition in Munich to launch the laser used for research and EL2171CS Suppliers and industrial production of high-pressure small inverter. The first inverter field for the electron microscope, installed in a small shell, can be soldered directly to printed circuit, the input voltage can be 12V, 15V or 24V, output voltage can reach 220V to 4kV, depending on the model different functions can have a max 4W. Voltage can be adjusted by the input voltage can also be controlled through the potentiometer. Inverter with a shell shape can be a high degree of relatively large cylindrical, it can be flat-shaped. SDSs this inverter can be used in various fields, such as the use of photoelectron detection (photomultiplier tubes), semiconductor testing technology (avalanche photodiode) or enhance the level of technology of light and shade (mini-pipe coil) of the electron microscope . This product can be provided in the form of standard products, or original equipment manufacturers (OriginalEquipmentManufacturing, OEM) in the form of customer research or industrial production in the area of high demand, tailor-made.

EL2171CS Price

IEK past CCFL light guide plate design changed little, but not the same LED. Whether to increase the brightness, design and EL2171CS Price and so thin, the difference between the models is not a minor change can do, such as: LED design for a small number of bright stars and dark bands with dealing with technology for more stringent, these design challenges in the production of light guide plate in the test process. In addition, LED industry about every six months there will be new forms, backlight module plant must have a self-development capabilities to create the new form of mold, optical design and development changes.

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