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Ic EL2270CS

At a recent University of Industrial Technology in Korea held a new product tests, the science and IC EL2270CS and technology 120 watts of light (W) module of the electrode temperature is about 70 degrees Celsius, the other a 60-watt level module electrode temperature was as high as 150 degrees Celsius, and the latter half of the power no time light seafood, but much higher electrode temperature, which shows the advantages of light sea-cooling technology. It is understood that, in order to enter the Korean market, the light sea science and technology will invest 1,000 million U.S. dollars in South Korea, Gyeonggi-building production lines.

EL2270CS Suppliers

German NovaledAG recently published on the OLED market speculation that the luminous efficiency of OLED lighting has now reached 50 lm / W, is 2 times higher than conventional incandescent, also said that within two years is likely to achieve 100 lm / W target, which would exceed the current LED70 ~ 80 lm / W standards.

EL2270CS Price

Light Sea Technology, said the companys COHS cooling technology Unlike conventional COB packaging methods, eliminating unnecessary chip and EL2270CS Price and the thermal resistance between the base material, and the use of better thermal conductivity than aluminum, copper as the substrate, and the wick for 60W or more modules, more joined The concept of uniform temperature plate, can transfer heat more quickly off. Overall, the advantages of this technique include the module thermal resistance is low, easy to control the junction surface temperature, can provide surface temperature measurements the test junction point, the structure of a low-cost packaging, easy to install, good cooling effect and so on. Light sea current practical applications of technology products in Shandong Province Qingyun the LED lights work, Daxing District, Beijing works and all kinds of LED lights indoor and outdoor lighting.

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