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2007, Chinas installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation equipment, new 26MW, only an increase of 16MW, the lower base is reflected in the figures are staggering 160 % growth, the cumulative PV installed capacity of 106MW, an increase of 32.5%, the average growth rate of the global installed capacity of flat, but only 1.16% of total global installed capacity. However, the actual capacity of PV after Japan and IC EL7581IREZ and Germany, ranking third in the world, more than 90% of the photovoltaic cell components and systems sold abroad, Chinas photovoltaic industry, there has been a typical phenomenon of industry and the market upside down.

EL7581IREZ Suppliers

ean said, ARM has been in the development of tablet PCs and EL7581IREZ Suppliers and smart mobile phones for low-power chips ahead of Intel products. Although Intel has been trying to reduce the energy consumption of Atom, but the level still needs to catch up with ARM a few years time. pplications: no doubt whether it is consumer applications, industrial, military grade applications, the market will be rapid-expansion, the application will be more extensive.

EL7581IREZ Price

bring the product technology updates slow aging, so that direct foreign investment profits fall flat. Since the end of last year, foreign companies began to lower profit margins industry-wide profit margins. The latest economic operation of electronic information industry shows that the growth rate of foreign profits well below the industry average growth rate, the proportion of the total industry profits have decreased significantly.

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