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Ic EL9110IU

"traditional CMOS image sensor in each pixel, PD, and IC EL9110IU and Tr are arranged in the same Si surface, only 30% area belongs to PD, 50% belong to Tr, and the PD are stacked in the CIGS on in Tr, so that sensitive area from the original CMOS CIGS 3 times, and then 2 times the Si taking into account the quantum efficiency, it also means the sensor performance is about 6 times the original. "Takasu said. Require special add that the wavelength of visible light from 300nm to 1300nm wavelength infrared, CIGS can be detected, which not only means that the device can be used for general cameras, can also be used in medicine (detection of cancer cells). In recent years more and more hot ferroelectric technology is "Si + α" program areas. Allegedly, though there are already several companies in the provision of ferroelectric memory. "But 10 years ago, there are only a Roma a ferroelectric technology." Takasu said the Roma 15 years ago to develop technology using ferroelectric IC card. Today, the company also developed technology based on ferroelectric non-volatile logic circuits can be no continuous power supply in the case of the circuit state data saved to substantially reduce energy consumption.

EL9110IU Suppliers

Science and EL9110IU Suppliers and Technology Bureau said that from the Jinan City, Shandong Province in July, held in Hong Kong, "2009 (Hong Kong) Regional Development Strategy of Shandong Province Seminar & Trade Fair," with the Hon Hai Group signed Foxconn, Foxconn invest 500 million U.S. dollars (about 16.3 billion NT), established in Jinan LED production base.

EL9110IU Price

12 Yue 2, according to market research firm iSuppli research report released Monday said, the PC and EL9110IU Price and consumer electronics demand is weak, global semiconductor revenue is expected to decline this year. This trend will continue to affect next years chip sales.

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