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Ic ELANSC520-100AC

MCP1603 for notebook computers, personal digital assistants (PDA), USB-powered devices, digital cameras and IC ELANSC520-100AC and +5 V or +3.3 V distributed systems and other portable and handheld equipment. AAT4285 rated operating temperature range is -40 ℃ to +85 ℃, with lead-free, 8-pin SC70JW package, is now available supply. 1,000-piece order quantities priced at $ 0.68 per piece.

ELANSC520-100AC Suppliers

AT91SAM7L products for the active and ELANSC520-100AC Suppliers and standby mode with an innovative reduce power consumption technology. In the work mode, set the way through the programmable voltage and operating frequency, the peripheral clock activity, and to replace the CPU using DMA for data transfer to optimize power consumption. SAM7L single voltage mode, voltage as low as 1.8V, the operating mode, executing code from flash memory, the typical current consumption 0.5mA/MHz. Different power consumption in standby mode to be controlled by a variety of ways, such as the power switch, adjustable voltage regulator, and voltage monitor, power on reset and undervoltage detection circuit using sampling techniques, rather than continuous measurements. This allows the monitoring of intervention AT91SAM7L frequency lower than competing products, but the energy saving effect is achieved at least the same level with the competition. In Power Down mode, AT91SAM7L typical current consumption of only 100nA.

ELANSC520-100AC Price

Power supply part, Biostar motherboard TP43EXE four power supply design, four high-grade iron core inductor closed, will bring lower power consumption, each corresponding to 1 2 MOS power to bring plenty of power tubes, the motherboard GPU can best embody the energy-saving technology to a place where energy is four LED status lights, each lamp corresponding to each of the motherboard power supply, able to intelligently adjust the power supply, according to the needs of the system to automatically provide several phase power supply to reduce unnecessary consumption. Energy-saving lamps set the state board will facilitate the supply situation of the player observation.

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