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Ic EM636327Q-8

Currently, Maxscend already has a huge partner products, including Skyworth, Samsung TV one machine; support standard definition and IC EM636327Q-8 and high definition TV Skyworth, nine joint, Gaussian Bell, full CNC set-top boxes; good for the United States, companies such as ground-based Pegasus video national standard USB Dongle. Also included in the vehicle and the application of a number of hand-held platform. For example, Feng Bao and Shanghai Tianma video chip design based on the hand-held mobile TV solutions, with MXD0320 supporting back-end decoder chip is used in Korea Chips Media products.

EM636327Q-8 Suppliers

Xuzhi Han said: "The combination of the way through, will support the single-carrier and EM636327Q-8 Suppliers and multi-mode chip carrier with a simple way to fight is not feasible, will be greatly increased cost, and therefore not competitive. "combination method which uses the chip not only in the area / cost / performance advantages and can automatically identify the national standard for all 330 species of modes, allowing one machine and set-top boxes for television manufacturers to bring high-performance low-cost solution. In the future the construction of terrestrial digital television, while launching a single multi-carrier signal will become a mainstream trend in this condition, the system integration chip manufacturers will be the only option.

EM636327Q-8 Price

last Haizhuo Wolfson Microelectronics (Maxscend Technologies) designed for mobile applications MXD1320 chip full support for China Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting System Standard (GB20600-2006). Xu Zhihan, CEO, said, MXD1320 national standard through the mobile application on the ground to optimize the integration of the GB algorithm level demodulation receiver solution, rather than take more than just keep the original logic of the same carrier or single carrier, and EM636327Q-8 Price and then add another logical into practice, so MXD1320 is the first truly integrated chip. It has a proven possibility of integration programs, and effectively fight back the national standard is to split the single-carrier, multi-carrier, the error is difficult to say together.

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