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Ic EP1C12F256C8

two full-speed data rate ADC in 250kSPS working under low power, 5V next only 10 mW. In 200kSPS work under 2.7V power to less than 4 mW. To work at lower data rates, the high-speed performance make it in most cases are in shutdown mode. For example, under the 2.7 V to 10kSPS data rate, the average power consumption of less than 0.2 mW.

EP1C12F256C8 Suppliers

Keithleys new Model 2820 Vector Signal Analyzer with 40MHz bandwidth of 4GHz or 6GHz configuration as the standard bandwidth. 2820 features a very comprehensive test that can test a variety of signals, including GSM, EDGE, W-CDMA (uplink / downlink), and EP1C12F256C8 Suppliers and cdma2000 signals, and a variety of WLAN signals, including MIMO and SISO configurations of the 802.11n 40MHz WLAN MIMO signal.

EP1C12F256C8 Price

"audio processors and EP1C12F256C8 Price and Class D audio power amplifier a good match for the required engineering work is very important," ADI Advanced Television company, product line manager for audio Martin Cotter said, "ADI has solved the interface with the open-loop design related problems, so no common system-level considerations such as noise suppression and physical interface problems. This will speed up the design cycle and reduce system cost, and for customers provides high-quality audio experience - TV manufacturer-defined 12-month update cycle for the new products they bring important benefits ."

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