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Ic EP1K10TC100-2

The third is the technology will be integrated into our lives. He explained that electronic products can now enjoy our visual and IC EP1K10TC100-2 and auditory, in 2020, electronic products will enable us to enjoy the taste, smell and even feel. We will live in a completely different environment. In addition, for the large earthquake in China, Fang into the deep feeling, because in mid-April before the earthquake, he just went to the Wenchuan and the surrounding area tourism, "now everything is gone," he was very sad to say. "DSP to earthquake and other disasters in the future to help reduce the loss of humanity." He said. For example, he said, such as the DSP and the sensor placed at the buildings beams, by measuring the torque, pressure and other parameters to perceived safety of the building, which for security monitoring post-disaster housing compounds may play no small role . In addition, for earthquake prediction, the worlds problems in the challenge, DSP, sensors and other semiconductor technology will play an important role. Scientists are studying these techniques, in 2020 there will be some results out.

EP1K10TC100-2 Suppliers

AVC Alexander radiator with copper base, high quality wire drawing process, more smooth, can be in close contact with the CPU surface to enhance thermal conductivity. The radiator cooling fan speed regulation 9cm smart, intelligent speed control can function with the board, in performance and EP1K10TC100-2 Suppliers and achieve better balance between silent. Speed of 2800rpm, up to 4500rpm, the wind could reach 52.68CFM, as an ordinary double radiator, performance strong. Fan 4PIN automatic temperature control for single ball bearing fan, life of up to 50,000 hours, superior quality. Button, too, very humane, adopt a flexible screw clip, you can even adjust the pressure of the radiator on the CPU, so the surface can be better together.

EP1K10TC100-2 Price

Just announced the release of its new INTEL 945G, 955X chipset, the same day, Lenovo announced its year 945G chipset-based business computers open days, and EP1K10TC100-2 Price and on the 955X chipset with dual-core CPU in the Sky series of commercial computers, as in the world pioneered the use of 945G, 955X chipset, the computer manufacturers. This initiative once again confirms the association in the field of PC components from the core process of procurement to the powerful R & D strength.

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