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Ic EP1K10TC100-3

According to Chinas Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association data, the first quarter of this year, Taiwans chip industry, including design, manufacturing, assembly and IC EP1K10TC100-3 and test areas of revenue fell 3% last year, to 235 billion Taiwan dollars, equivalent to 75 billion U.S. dollars, only the packaging and achieved growth in the test area, but the global chip market revenue grew 12.8% to 55.1 billion U.S. dollars.

EP1K10TC100-3 Suppliers

"Germany is the first one of the countries to implement e-passports." Executive vice president of Infineon Automotive, Industrial Electronics and EP1K10TC100-3 Suppliers and Multimarket division president Peter Bauer said, "We are honored to be the Infineon chips used new German passport. We set up the chip in the best possible protection mechanisms. a series of security certificates to prove Infineons security controllers have been successfully adopted in accordance with international standards for the worlds most stringent safety testing. "

EP1K10TC100-3 Price

the data stored on the chip in the passport is only open to read, and EP1K10TC100-3 Price and can be transmitted through non-contact to a reader by the authorized certification. Infineon advanced technology in the chip set in over 50 individual security mechanisms to prevent personal information from unauthorized reading and manipulation. In addition, the chips use the RSA method (a special method for encrypting data to inventors Ron L. Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman named), has a very high security. (It is estimated that, if the hackers are trying by trial and error method to access these encrypted data, at least 10 million units require standard PC machine running, after 100 years of non-stop basis, be possible to crack.) Infineon chip in the integrated security mechanisms, including the active chip surface and the protective cover to prevent hackers to read through the different voltage sensor chips.

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