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Ic EP1K30TC144-2

AFE5805 is a portable ultrasound system specifically designed for the complete analog signal chain solution, the required low power consumption, small size and IC EP1K30TC144-2 and occupation, while ensure the highest resolution. By reducing component count, AFE5805 to 122 mW per channel power efficiency and reduce power consumption by as much as 20%, while the performance of its closest competitor noise ratio is even lower 40%. AFE5805 at 2 MHz frequency noise of only 0.85 nV / rtHz, its performance can not only meet the needs of portable devices, to better meet the high channel density, medium-range ultrasonic systems.

EP1K30TC144-2 Suppliers

from Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Suzhou University and EP1K30TC144-2 Suppliers and the French company Alstom and Shanghai Electric Groups experts believe that, compared with the induction motor, You Nikang permanent magnet synchronous motor, developed significant energy savings while small size, light weight, large overload capacity, speed does not vary with load changes, run the many advantages of high stability, high power frequency conversion speed electric drive systems are the ideal choice. And no permanent magnet synchronous motor encoder frequency wide range of applications, in oil, coal, machinery and other relatively large-scale projects run under the working poor, not only speed up the replacement of permanent magnet synchronous motor asynchronous motor speed, but also for permanent Special drive magnetic synchronous motor provides a broad development space.

EP1K30TC144-2 Price

Founded in 2005, Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. Kunshan You Nikang by a group of international engineering technology development experience, Dr. returning from abroad and EP1K30TC144-2 Price and domestic industrial control industry experts . After two years of painstaking research and development in the high-frequency algorithm software technology to achieve critical breakthroughs, built with independent intellectual property rights of the drive to develop a common technology platform, and in the successful development of this platform, permanent magnet synchronous motor without encoder special inverter.

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