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Ic EP20K60EQC208-1

Toshiba originally scheduled for November Genioe400 products sold before the official launch date confirmed, this new PDA products will be officially in December 22 on sale, expect the market price of around 40,000 yen, equivalent to approximately 3,100 yuan RMB .

EP20K60EQC208-1 Suppliers

In fact, home appliance market, Mr. Zhu had the same experience with the consumer very much, so many people eager to cut prices and EP20K60EQC208-1 Suppliers and fearing price. Admittedly, prices will bring significant benefits to consumers, but also makes frequent haunt of price changes, resulting in Chibidaigou. To this end, this year, the price of each appliance stores have been offering security services.

EP20K60EQC208-1 Price

MIPSTechnologies Company today announced that Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. through authorized to use core development MIPS324KEcPro and EP20K60EQC208-1 Price and MIPS32M4KPro portable digital multimedia applications for next-generation system chips. MIPS, said that this authorization MIPS architecture is very suitable for rapid development of the portable multimedia market. Portable multimedia devices, including portable multimedia players (PMP) and digital audio (MP3) players. According to research firm In-Stat forecasts that the market has huge growth potential, projected to 2009, only MP3 player market from 2004 to 2,780 million years, rising to 104 million. MIPSTechnologies SoC designers to custom solutions for high-performance, low power consumer applications. MIPS324KEcPro PMP designed especially for the kernel, because it offers full-function The MMU and large-capacity Cache, suitable for running on Linux and other operating system environments, video-based applications. MIPS32M4KPro kernel has a number of highly optimized software audio encoding and decoding functions to support the playback of multiple audio formats, and it is MIPS Technology of the minimum core. CorExtend these Pro Series cores with features that enable SoC designers to increase the ownership of the guide, while effective hardware video encoding logic. Zhuhai Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Zhaoguang Min, executive vice president, said: "After extensive benchmarking, we believe that for our MIPS technology to current and future product development to provide the best solution. Mature consumer digital audio and video entertainment needs changing. Defined in the user guide to MIPS core, high performance, low power consumption flexibility, which enables us to provide consumers with all the features they need and super battery life of the product. "MIPS Technologies vice president of operations JamesMacHale Asia, said:" Actions Semiconductor is one of the fastest growing companies in China, especially in the portable multimedia developers with expertise and account for a large international market share. We are pleased to cooperate with Actions Semiconductor, through our industry-leading technology to help them achieve lower energy consumption and other advantages. "MIPS Technology in March 2005 and set up branches in China R & D center in China. Read all about MP3 MP4 new article

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