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Ic EP2C35F484c7N

Specifications of the above 3 models are as follows. CPU operating frequency is 400MHz with the PXA250 applications processor, using 4-inch TFT LCD display screen. SD storage card, and IC EP2C35F484c7N and CompactFlash cards equipped with the expansion slot. Protect the copyright with the function and support "SD-Audio" player software, "SD-Audio" on the SD storage card for the music files recorded in the standard specifications. Dimensions for the long deep 76.5 × 125 × high-15.9mm, weighing about 170g (including e550GX/MD weight to about 190g).

EP2C35F484c7N Suppliers

(e) QFII usher in expansion: In June 2007, held the second meeting of China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue, China agreed to the amount of QFII from 10 billion U.S. dollars to 300 billion, December 2007, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange announced QFII quota to 300 billion U.S. dollars. This policy will be implemented in 2008, foreign investment into China will increase the pace of capital markets.

EP2C35F484c7N Price

World's largest supplier of graphics chips, NVIDIA has long been a household name, but MAXSUN graphics card is the largest brand, has long been the two sides maintained good relations of cooperation, together again at the campus tour activities, it is the "triple power" to promote the continuation of advanced display technology.

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