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Ic EP2C70F672I8N

"In addition, there is very important is the 'low carbon'. We are seeking a wide range of cooperation with the industry chain, from the whole network, the site, three layers of the implementation of functional components, energy consumption and IC EP2C70F672I8N and help operators to carbon emissions to a minimum. that Huawei's network-level unified planning, unified management and unified control, optimizing bandwidth traffic model, the whole network to achieve the best bandwidth efficiency and energy balance; unified platform through the device, and device / chip the industry's most integrated, lowest power generation technology, energy transfer to achieve the minimum site ."

EP2C70F672I8N Suppliers

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. (President Senior Managing Director: Kiyohiko vertebral wood, hereinafter referred to as: Hitachi Industrial Equipment), Hitachi (China) Co., Ltd. (President: Nobuyuki Ono, Head Office: Beijing, hereinafter referred to as: Hitachi (China)) and EP2C70F672I8N Suppliers and variable appliance manufacturers Hangzhou Qianjiang Electric Group Co., Ltd. (President: Item Hau, Head Office: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, hereinafter referred to as: Hangzhou Qianjiang Electric Group) to work together, in 2009 Hitachi was established in November of money power (Hangzhou) Transformer Co., Ltd. (President: Kazuo Watanabe Paul, Head Office: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, hereinafter referred to as: Hitachi money call (Hangzhou) transformer) as amorphous transformers in China, production, sales and service base, and will start mass production in the near future. The total planned investment of about 10 billion yen, Hitachi Industrial Equipment will be set up by the company into Chinas distribution transformer market, and strive to 2014 sales in China reached 50 billion yen (about 370 million yuan .)

EP2C70F672I8N Price

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