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Ic EP2C8T144C8N

Taiwan Optoma (Optoma) of affiliated companies - the United States Optoma Technology (Optoma Technology) developed the use of red (R), green (G) and IC EP2C8T144C8N and blue (B) LED light source over small projector, and in June 14, 2008 ~ 20 in Las Vegas, "Infocomm08" on display. Overall size is about 4 × 1.75 × 0.75 inches.

EP2C8T144C8N Suppliers

Although the audio chip smaller proportion in the whole system, but to improve the battery life can also play a role. The future, as the continuous development of semiconductor technology, audio chip power consumption will be greater improvement. The future development trend of the audio chip is to integrate power management, digital processing, to achieve the lowest power consumption. Wolfson will also consider the response to this development, to meet the market demand.

EP2C8T144C8N Price

from the end of last year, Sony F828 became the target of attention, but until now, Chongqing market still can not see it in sight, although there have been news to Chongqing in the goods, but According to dealers said the market in Chongqing, the official saw the Sony F828, I am afraid we have to wait a while. Sony F828 is the latest of a Sony digital camera, also a 800 million pixel-level civil standard of professional digital cameras. It uses a 800 million pixel CCD processor, and EP2C8T144C8N Price and its size is 2 / 3 inches, the CCD or Sony's new "RGB E" image sensor, with a higher degree of color reproduction and detail skills. Also using a 7 F828 Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens, the lens has a multi-layer coating, reflective surface of the lens to avoid causing "flare" phenomenon. F828 uses a new type of auto-focus mode, in addition to half-press the shutter a single focus, you can also start a continuous focus mode, so always keep in focus, this time shooting a moving object in the shooting has a higher ability to recover coke . In addition it also has infrared shooting, shooting at night so can be easily achieved. Users can single black light green shoot. Although the index has good hardware, but the F828 is, after all, a consumer digital cameras, and professional pole there is a great gap, specifically, how, and only until it is listed on the market in Chongqing, only after that, the current sale price of its 8,800 yuan.

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