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Ic EPC16QC100

Chinese mainland market, 30% -40% annual growth rate, of course, pay more attention to device manufacturers in mainland China market. "Thin film solar cells is the development trend, China is now the mainstream of polycrystalline silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells from the beginning of this year will be gradually developed." Yang Shun considered stable.

EPC16QC100 Suppliers

"solar cell manufacturers in China about 500 more than the demand for equipment, a large market potential is very large, we are very optimistic about China solar cell market. "Nissin Precision Machinery Business Division spinning stability Shun Yang said. Nisshinbo newly developed multi-layered solar module laminator PVL1537N-ST5, designed by multi-layer structure of the vacuum chamber, a substantial increase in space utilization, but also to achieve a strong production capacity.

EPC16QC100 Price

solar cell production in China is very competitive, and EPC16QC100 Price and equipment will also be more intense market competition, SES in China-based semiconductor equipment markets, this year into the solar cell market. "The semiconductor equipment manufacturers have turned to the field of solar cells is a developing trend, the semiconductor market into the trough, we are looking for new market opportunities, the semiconductor equipment market is not surprising that companies turn to solar cells, solar cell market development of the next few years will be very good Space. "Chen Jingshao think.

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