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, However, Microsoft's strategy for the future operation of Zune phone, but added more than Apple's iPhone by Taiwanese companies concerned, mainly due to the Taiwan factory WindowsMobile even behind Microsoft's operating system, the world has more than 9 percent are from Taiwan, Microsoft platform for mobile phones plant.

EPC2LI20N Suppliers

Communications World Network 28 April news, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced a new single-chip device-NaviLink ? 5.0 solution, GPS applications for mobile phones. The device uses TIs DRP ? single-chip technology, measuring only 25mm2. NaviLink5.0GPS receiver architecture in weak signal conditions typical urban and EPC2LI20N Suppliers and indoor environments to provide fast time to first fix (TTFF) function. NaviLink5.0 solution supports both assisted-GPS and stand-alone mode. NaviLink5.0 chip host loading and memory requirements low, it is critical for handset manufacturers, in addition, the performance of the chip also exceeds 3GPP and OMASUPL requirements, and easier integration in mobile phones. TI Mobile Connectivity Solutions business unit general manager MarcCetto said: "Most consumers are used to the system and Internet access through the car navigation data. TINaviLink5.0 can help handset manufacturers to achieve low-cost mobile phones and personal navigation systems applications mobile consumers anytime, anywhere to meet the requirements to enjoy location-based services. "GPS technology as consumers by supporting mobile access to location maps (localizedmap) and other data on the increased demand for 3D graphics technology, so users can clearly identify the small screen landmarks and their surrounding environment, NaviLink5.0 single-chip solution is optimized to work with TIs OMAP ? and OMAP-Vox ? processors interface to work together with 3D graphics. In addition, GPS chip, which also works with TIs 2.5G and 3G chipset for seamless connectivity. It is reported that, NaviLink5.0 solution plan will be put into the fourth quarter of 2007, mass production.

EPC2LI20N Price

PCCHIPS P29G Multiweigh VIAP4M890 8237R chipset based motherboards can support the latest Intel processors and EPC2LI20N Price and PentiumD/Pentium4/CeleronD LGA775Core2Duo processor supports up to 1066MHZ FSB frequency. The mainboard provides two memory slots, maximum capacity 4GB DDR2 memory support.

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